Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #6 - Make Money Online with Blogpost and Adsense (1 of 5)

Make Money Online with blogs

There are many people currently looking to make money online. Although most of them don't know anything about marketing and promotion. This video is for everyone who want to start making money online and just started. You probably have a lot of questions like how to set up a website, where to find good niche market, what is it Adsense, Adwords, SEO, where the hell get traffic from, what to sell, etc.

Before you will start to promote any big products, high tickets programs, JV you should start from very beginning where every marketer started from and that is Google Adsense with Blogs.

It don't cost any money, just your time and you will understand and learn more about SEO, Adsense and blogging. Blog is very simple to manage, you can use free blogger account, so all template and coding id made for you. What you simply would have to do is add content, posts to your blog.

Perhaps you saw a lot of people claiming to make 600-1000$ a day from Adsense. Well most times if not all these ppl also invest lots of money to achieve such results, so these numbers don't mean final profit, perhaps initial investments were half of these profits.

Where to get traffic from?

The easiest way is to make a blog about particular niche, create quality content, have google rank you high for this keyword. You will get a lot of traffic then from google, quality and targeted, that's what you are looking for. People will go to your blog and click your Adsense ads and you will collect the money.

Many people abuse Adsense ads and create generic blogs, maybe with quality articles but crappy ones and no one really stay long enough on your blog to click ads. People generate hundreds of such blogs to generate some income. It's very unethical and short-term, that's why I don’t recommnd you it. Establishing few good quality blogs will give you more money in long-term investing less time.

So let's start!

  1. Go to
  2. Now you have to choose the niche you want your blog to be about. Right now you can choose some that you would like to write about.
  3. Create a Blogger account.
  4. If your title of blog will be "Easy Ways To Make Money Online" write address Always use dashed between each word. Many addresses can be unavailable, try some different variations always remembering about your main keyword to be in address.
  5. In blog title it's very crucial to use your main keyword in very first words.
  6. Choose the template most suitable for you, clear and nice.
  7. Click settings, it's good if you find few keywords, make title like Easy Ways To Make Money Online | Earn Money Online | Home Based Business. In this way you can eliminate words like and by |.
  8. Go to show link field, set to yes, show backlinks, word verification, archiving monthly.
  9. Now when you will type your first post you have to remember to always include your keyword in the title.
  10. Click publish and View Blog. Congratulations for your first big step!
  11. Now you can edit About Me section, write a bit about yourself put your picture let other people now more about yourself.
  12. Go to Layout>Page Elements, You will see little boxed on the right, you can add a page element, click this link. Now choose Adsense, put your email and phone number or postal code, or create Adsense account if you don't have one yet. Click Save Changes. Remember to choose similar colors of ad background links and text like your blog. I like 160x600 vertical Adsense ad.
    After few days Google ill recognize your content and show suitable ads. If you will repeat enough times your keyword in your blog content Google will have no problems whatsoever to find your niche.
  13. Now you should write one descent article, unique about the niche you chose.
  14. You can play around with blogspot settings, add new elements, even ad your youtube videos in sidebar, links and all kind of stuff. Make yourself familiar with navigation.

--> Next Part will be more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), choosing right keywords, backlinks, sandbox and rules you should strict to optimize correctly your blog posts. See you soon, take care!

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