Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #9 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (4 of 5)

How to turn Traffic to Money?

The way you can turn traffic into money in blogs is to make a blogs specifically that will sell some particular product. There are few things you need to understand to start making money with blogs:

Find a good niche. Some niches can works really good and sells but some are not really profitable. Before making keyword research you have to think what people are buyinh on the internet. It can be music, books, electronics, travel, personal development. But there are certainly more profitable niches than this.

You have to find niche that have some associated product, ebook you can sell, also adword advertisers for this niche.
In some niches people are just looking to find some informations and leave. They won't click your adsense ads and if you don't have anything to sell you loose. In other niches can be inverse, more people are determined to find informations and more likely will click your ads.

To make a lot of money in Adsense you will need tens and hundreds of blogs. It's all numbers game. That's why there are a lot of on the markets programs like: automated forum posting, automated directory posting, automated guestbook posting, automated blog builders, automated website builders.

The problem can be with it that all this software require some knowledge either about pghp, html or operating systems. Many of such programs also have a lot of bugs. Some developers dont' update theirs programs. Also there can be operation system problem, program is made for windows xp and won't work on any other operating system.

There are also so called Article Content Generation progams. Just Google it. What this software do is grab some articles and change some word and phrases and in this way create thousands of unique varations of one article. I don't recommend it to use other people articles just use for your own if you want to post such articles to many places.

Article Submission Software - there are a lot of this, but manually takes some time. Be sure that your articles looks right before submitting to all these directories.

The good way to start is promote on your blog some low cost products for $10 in example. That will sell easier and faster.

The more articles, blogs you will create in long term more money you will make. In the beggining you may earn just a couple of dollars but it will raise very fast after time.

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