Monday, May 12, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #10 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (5 of 5)

Last time I told you to find niche. Most of you perhaps wonder how to find a profitable niche. I want to overview 3 programs that i recommend.

Few Tips Ho To Get Indexed

Feedburner - go to feedburner to set up an account. It's all free and you can add there buttons to social bookmark sites under every post. Tag system here is the key. Google can list you very fast when will find in social bookmark sites like Delictios that someone tag your site. You can tag your own posts. Feedburner also have statistics page, you will see the traffic that you generate, subscribers grow etc.

Power Of Articles

It's very important to write new articles regurally. You will get from this traffic and great backlinks - fast indexing. Your article can be crawled even in a matter of hours.

Yahoo Answers

I encourage you to go to, register and answer questions related to your site. At the end of each answer you can leave link to your site. You will get from it traffic, backlinks and indexing.

Find a Good Niche

There are many programs that can be very useful to find great niches:
Keywork Elite, SEO Elite and Brainstorm Generator.
SEO Elite is a great tool that I use regurally to optimize my site. Brainstorm Generator is great for finding niches where is high demand.

But still you don't need to use any software, you can do it all manually, just it will takes you more time. You can use Good Keywords free program to research some good niches. Just type there your niche and you will see amount of search per month. After you will know this value, go to Google and check how many competition this niche have. You can then divide: Results/Search.

R/S Ratio

This meands ratio of Results (number of sites) divided by number of Searches. You should look for keywords with this ratio 50 or less. Mostly youw ill have to look for 2,3,4 word keywords. The more general keyword will be the more competition. Try to look for keywords that ar not that general, more specific, like how to make money online.


KEi (Keyword Effectiveness Index) rating can tell you how profitable a keyword might be. The higher KEI the better the keyword. Here is the formula:

A good KEI must satisfy all the 3 axioms. Let P denote the popularity of the keyword and C the competitiveness.

The formula that we have chosen is KEI = (P^2/C), i.e. KEI is the square of the popularity of the keyword and divided by its competitiveness. This formula satisfies all the 3 axioms:

i) If P increases, P^2 increases and hence KEI increases. Hence, Axiom 1 is satisfied.

ii) If C increases, KEI decreases and hence, Axiom 2 is satisfied.

iii) If P and C both increase such that P/C is the same as before, KEI increases since KEI can be written as

KEI = (P^2/C) = (P/C * P). Since P/C remains the same, and P increases, KEI must increase. Hence, Axiom 3 is satisfied.

Adsense Ads

Now you hsould google your keyword and check amount of Adsense ads on right. If there are no ads that means there are really no products for thsi keyword. Also you should check how much advertisers pay for click for this keyword. You should also search in google using exact sign: ". For example instead of make money online search with quotes "make money online". In this way you will receive exact results not general, sites listed will have to contain these words all together. In this way the results are more accurate and give you real value of competitors.

Brainstorm Generator

This program can be great to find fast R/S and KEI rating. In this way you can determine either this keyword, niche is worth to try or not.

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