Monday, May 12, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #11 - Social Networking With Direct Matches

Direct Matches is a great social networking sites specially for business people, network markets, mlm, home based business owners. It make a feel of myspace site but in community there are only business interested or owners. That's a great target if you have any business to promote. Target market is one of the best benefits in Direct Matches.

Direct Matches site is all bout building relationships with people, networking. It's not a spam place but still you can effectively and easy market your business.

First go to and register. Then you will be able to write a little about yourself and your business, add your photo, profession, business topics, business interests. In that way you will be able to faster and more effective find correct people to your business. In About Me section I suggest you to only focus on business but also write a bit about yourself, share your story!

There are many ways of promoting your program in Direct Matches, let me explain you some:
  • Video - you can add video to your profile showing you talking about business, business presentation or anything you want.
  • Blog - you can create your own blog posts, it will be showed also in your profile, I got really a lot of hits to my posts, you can add in bottom of each link to your site and your contact information. Try to show, share some value, information in these posts, in that way I believe you will attract more people to you.
  • Forum - there are specific forums for mlm, home based business owners, marketers etc. You can share here some information about what you are promoting, encourage people to network with you. It's a great place to advertise your business and very targeted.
  • Classifieds - Classified ads that will be show below your About Me section, you can place here title, ad description and of course link to website.
  • Networks - you can join to other people networks, create own one, each way will create more exposure to you and your business.
  • Premier Ads - i strongly encourage you to upgrade your membership to Executive to enjoy full potential of Direct Matches. With updated membership you will be able to add 1,2 ads that will be rotated through all site on top and left promoting your site. It's really awesome way and don't cost much.
  • Press Release - with updated membership you can also post your press release, another great way of advertise.

Also you should remember to add friends to your Direct Matches profile, the more the better. Send mails to people, ask about theirs business, how is it working for them, introduce your business, make contacts, good relationships. Don't sell all the time, show interest to other person, take time to check these person about me section, what he/she is promoting, get familiar with these information and send personal mail. That always will work the best. Direct Matches is all about networking, use this site to brand yourself, promote yourself, promote your site, promote your business and make contacts that will benefit you in long term.

Additionally you can earn revenue for recruiting people to Direct Matches, check site for more informations, they have a really cool plan!

If you want more trainings about social sites like Direct Matches go to, join this system, it's completely FREE with 22 FREE POWERFUL TRAININGS about Direct Matches, Yuwie and other great sites to advertise. Go Here Now >>>

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #10 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (5 of 5)

Last time I told you to find niche. Most of you perhaps wonder how to find a profitable niche. I want to overview 3 programs that i recommend.

Few Tips Ho To Get Indexed

Feedburner - go to feedburner to set up an account. It's all free and you can add there buttons to social bookmark sites under every post. Tag system here is the key. Google can list you very fast when will find in social bookmark sites like Delictios that someone tag your site. You can tag your own posts. Feedburner also have statistics page, you will see the traffic that you generate, subscribers grow etc.

Power Of Articles

It's very important to write new articles regurally. You will get from this traffic and great backlinks - fast indexing. Your article can be crawled even in a matter of hours.

Yahoo Answers

I encourage you to go to, register and answer questions related to your site. At the end of each answer you can leave link to your site. You will get from it traffic, backlinks and indexing.

Find a Good Niche

There are many programs that can be very useful to find great niches:
Keywork Elite, SEO Elite and Brainstorm Generator.
SEO Elite is a great tool that I use regurally to optimize my site. Brainstorm Generator is great for finding niches where is high demand.

But still you don't need to use any software, you can do it all manually, just it will takes you more time. You can use Good Keywords free program to research some good niches. Just type there your niche and you will see amount of search per month. After you will know this value, go to Google and check how many competition this niche have. You can then divide: Results/Search.

R/S Ratio

This meands ratio of Results (number of sites) divided by number of Searches. You should look for keywords with this ratio 50 or less. Mostly youw ill have to look for 2,3,4 word keywords. The more general keyword will be the more competition. Try to look for keywords that ar not that general, more specific, like how to make money online.


KEi (Keyword Effectiveness Index) rating can tell you how profitable a keyword might be. The higher KEI the better the keyword. Here is the formula:

A good KEI must satisfy all the 3 axioms. Let P denote the popularity of the keyword and C the competitiveness.

The formula that we have chosen is KEI = (P^2/C), i.e. KEI is the square of the popularity of the keyword and divided by its competitiveness. This formula satisfies all the 3 axioms:

i) If P increases, P^2 increases and hence KEI increases. Hence, Axiom 1 is satisfied.

ii) If C increases, KEI decreases and hence, Axiom 2 is satisfied.

iii) If P and C both increase such that P/C is the same as before, KEI increases since KEI can be written as

KEI = (P^2/C) = (P/C * P). Since P/C remains the same, and P increases, KEI must increase. Hence, Axiom 3 is satisfied.

Adsense Ads

Now you hsould google your keyword and check amount of Adsense ads on right. If there are no ads that means there are really no products for thsi keyword. Also you should check how much advertisers pay for click for this keyword. You should also search in google using exact sign: ". For example instead of make money online search with quotes "make money online". In this way you will receive exact results not general, sites listed will have to contain these words all together. In this way the results are more accurate and give you real value of competitors.

Brainstorm Generator

This program can be great to find fast R/S and KEI rating. In this way you can determine either this keyword, niche is worth to try or not.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #9 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (4 of 5)

How to turn Traffic to Money?

The way you can turn traffic into money in blogs is to make a blogs specifically that will sell some particular product. There are few things you need to understand to start making money with blogs:

Find a good niche. Some niches can works really good and sells but some are not really profitable. Before making keyword research you have to think what people are buyinh on the internet. It can be music, books, electronics, travel, personal development. But there are certainly more profitable niches than this.

You have to find niche that have some associated product, ebook you can sell, also adword advertisers for this niche.
In some niches people are just looking to find some informations and leave. They won't click your adsense ads and if you don't have anything to sell you loose. In other niches can be inverse, more people are determined to find informations and more likely will click your ads.

To make a lot of money in Adsense you will need tens and hundreds of blogs. It's all numbers game. That's why there are a lot of on the markets programs like: automated forum posting, automated directory posting, automated guestbook posting, automated blog builders, automated website builders.

The problem can be with it that all this software require some knowledge either about pghp, html or operating systems. Many of such programs also have a lot of bugs. Some developers dont' update theirs programs. Also there can be operation system problem, program is made for windows xp and won't work on any other operating system.

There are also so called Article Content Generation progams. Just Google it. What this software do is grab some articles and change some word and phrases and in this way create thousands of unique varations of one article. I don't recommend it to use other people articles just use for your own if you want to post such articles to many places.

Article Submission Software - there are a lot of this, but manually takes some time. Be sure that your articles looks right before submitting to all these directories.

The good way to start is promote on your blog some low cost products for $10 in example. That will sell easier and faster.

The more articles, blogs you will create in long term more money you will make. In the beggining you may earn just a couple of dollars but it will raise very fast after time.

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #8 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (3 of 5)

The point of these articles is to help you to run a successful online venture without spending a dime. Blogs become lately very popular and great way to make money online. You should now have at least 2 posts in your blog, first welcome and next one article related to your keyword. Also you already posted changed article to

Power of Writing Articles

There is no better way then write article for site indexing by Google. You will also get back links which will improve your page ranking. I collected beneath list of best Article Directories. The more articles and directories you will use the faster will be your indexing and higher ranking. Here is the list:

Social Sites

Add your blog to social bookmark sites to get some extra traffic. You can do to other social sites. Go to

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #7 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (2 of 5)

Most of you want to make money online. That's why I suggested you to start with one blog. You will learn in this way basics of online marketing, SEO. When you can expect to get traffic from Google depends on keyword you are targeting. Big ones like "Make Money Online" can take few months, small ones like "Free Ways To Make Easy Money Online" even few days.

Let me clarify first term that is very important to understand SEO and that is:

Indexing - Google have spiders, robots that go to your site, check content and add to Google database. In that way Google will now that your site exist and will show in listing. There are 3 top search engines and that is: Google, Yahoo and MSN that generate about 75% of all search engine traffic.
The main purpose of any search engine is to provide in top of the listing the most relevant results for specific search term. There are several factors that determine site relevance like site age, unique content, page rank, relevant back links.

Let's go a bit more closely to these factors:

  1. Page Content - Google loves unique content. With original content you will always get additional points from Google.
  2. Age Of Your Site - Google give higher listing to older sites to eliminate spam blogs and other this kind of sites.
  3. Keywords - keyword is basically a term you use to look for something in Google. If you are looking for real estate agency you will type "real estate agency" and that's the keyword. Now if you will use in your blog many time this keyword in blog posts, title, url, blog title, meta tags, Google will assume that your blog is very relevant for this keyword and will list you high.
    Always think about your primary keyword before writing anything on your blog, include it anywhere but don't exaggerate, you should stick to the rule 5-6% keyword density. That means 5,6 keywords repeat in 100 words text.
  4. Content Volume - The more content your blog will have the better results you will achieve. If you will update your blog quite often, spiders will also often review your site. If spiders will get consistently articles related to your main keyword will increase your site relevance for this keyword more and more. As simple as that.
  5. Page Rank And Back Links - Google use page ranking system to determine your site quality, importance, it mostly show you how many backlinks specific site have.
    Page Rank have scale from 0 to 10. The higher point the more important your site is in spider's eyes. Simply the more back links you can get the higher listing you should achieve.
  6. Back Links - back links are simply links placed on some websites pointed to your site. The more sites will link to yours the more important is your site. That's the main concept of Google algorithm. When people like some website that will place link in theirs also to recommend to other people.
    Although Google won't count all your backlinks if the site is not relevant to yours. Also Page Rank of these sites is important, the higher the better. Back link from PR 5 is much more powerful then from PR 1.
    Link farms don't work anymore, Google will ignore all irrelevant back links. The best way to get links is to trade links with sites that move similar topic.

The Google Sandbox
- because of many people are abusing the system, getting thousands of back links in a matter of days Google developed new program to ban such sites for 6 months and but in sandbox.

The Main Rules you should restrict

  1. Make posts about 300-400 words.
  2. Use 4,5% keyword density.
  3. Use keyword in your blog post title.
  4. Use keyword in first and final sentence.
  5. Make your keyword bolded.
  6. Include keyword in subheadlines (h1).

Post Your Blog Post On

Go to, create account and re-write your post, leave all your keywords just change a bit word, use synontms, mix sentences a bit. You should always remember to make your articles unique, don't copy from your blog, change a bit to make it unique. When Google will find that article content is duplicated will give you much lower result.
In biography box put link to your blog like

Also include some sentences showing benefits of visiting your blog, what it can offer to him/her, maybe offer some free report, ebook, it can be really powerful.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #6 - Make Money Online with Blogpost and Adsense (1 of 5)

Make Money Online with blogs

There are many people currently looking to make money online. Although most of them don't know anything about marketing and promotion. This video is for everyone who want to start making money online and just started. You probably have a lot of questions like how to set up a website, where to find good niche market, what is it Adsense, Adwords, SEO, where the hell get traffic from, what to sell, etc.

Before you will start to promote any big products, high tickets programs, JV you should start from very beginning where every marketer started from and that is Google Adsense with Blogs.

It don't cost any money, just your time and you will understand and learn more about SEO, Adsense and blogging. Blog is very simple to manage, you can use free blogger account, so all template and coding id made for you. What you simply would have to do is add content, posts to your blog.

Perhaps you saw a lot of people claiming to make 600-1000$ a day from Adsense. Well most times if not all these ppl also invest lots of money to achieve such results, so these numbers don't mean final profit, perhaps initial investments were half of these profits.

Where to get traffic from?

The easiest way is to make a blog about particular niche, create quality content, have google rank you high for this keyword. You will get a lot of traffic then from google, quality and targeted, that's what you are looking for. People will go to your blog and click your Adsense ads and you will collect the money.

Many people abuse Adsense ads and create generic blogs, maybe with quality articles but crappy ones and no one really stay long enough on your blog to click ads. People generate hundreds of such blogs to generate some income. It's very unethical and short-term, that's why I don’t recommnd you it. Establishing few good quality blogs will give you more money in long-term investing less time.

So let's start!

  1. Go to
  2. Now you have to choose the niche you want your blog to be about. Right now you can choose some that you would like to write about.
  3. Create a Blogger account.
  4. If your title of blog will be "Easy Ways To Make Money Online" write address Always use dashed between each word. Many addresses can be unavailable, try some different variations always remembering about your main keyword to be in address.
  5. In blog title it's very crucial to use your main keyword in very first words.
  6. Choose the template most suitable for you, clear and nice.
  7. Click settings, it's good if you find few keywords, make title like Easy Ways To Make Money Online | Earn Money Online | Home Based Business. In this way you can eliminate words like and by |.
  8. Go to show link field, set to yes, show backlinks, word verification, archiving monthly.
  9. Now when you will type your first post you have to remember to always include your keyword in the title.
  10. Click publish and View Blog. Congratulations for your first big step!
  11. Now you can edit About Me section, write a bit about yourself put your picture let other people now more about yourself.
  12. Go to Layout>Page Elements, You will see little boxed on the right, you can add a page element, click this link. Now choose Adsense, put your email and phone number or postal code, or create Adsense account if you don't have one yet. Click Save Changes. Remember to choose similar colors of ad background links and text like your blog. I like 160x600 vertical Adsense ad.
    After few days Google ill recognize your content and show suitable ads. If you will repeat enough times your keyword in your blog content Google will have no problems whatsoever to find your niche.
  13. Now you should write one descent article, unique about the niche you chose.
  14. You can play around with blogspot settings, add new elements, even ad your youtube videos in sidebar, links and all kind of stuff. Make yourself familiar with navigation.

--> Next Part will be more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), choosing right keywords, backlinks, sandbox and rules you should strict to optimize correctly your blog posts. See you soon, take care!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #4 - Questions You Should Ask To Ezine Owner

Finding good ezine is not a easy thing. There are so much of them and some will work with your business, product you are promoting and some not. That's why it's good to make at first some good research, call to ezine owners and ask some key questions that can eliminate to minimum risk of losing money. There are some main ones I suggest you to ask before buying any solo ad:

- How many mailings do you send out a week?
(no more then 2 a week)

- How often do you send content a week?
(once a week, twice a month is ok)

- How many solo ads do you send a week?
(no more then 2 a week)

- How many new subscribers ezine get approximetely each month?
(ezine is growing is ok)

- Would you provide references, testimonials with ppl that used your ezine?
(if no that means either it's a new ezine or no one really get that good results)

- Can you show me past issues, last messages that you sent to subscribers?
(ezine owner should have no problem showing the last issues, in this way you can easy and fast determine ezine content quality that is one of the most important factors)

- Can you put my ad in html?
(html version can works much better then text ones, you can bold some important words, edit text, add images from your site, etc.)

- Can I personalize my ad subject and body?
(first name of subscriber, you should always use it)

- Can you give me an endorsement?
(owner can give few lines of good words about program your're promoting, if person want to research program first before giving any testimonial that's a good sign, owner want to keep reputation, don't want to recommend rubbish to theirs subscribers, cares about content on his ezine)