Monday, May 12, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #11 - Social Networking With Direct Matches

Direct Matches is a great social networking sites specially for business people, network markets, mlm, home based business owners. It make a feel of myspace site but in community there are only business interested or owners. That's a great target if you have any business to promote. Target market is one of the best benefits in Direct Matches.

Direct Matches site is all bout building relationships with people, networking. It's not a spam place but still you can effectively and easy market your business.

First go to and register. Then you will be able to write a little about yourself and your business, add your photo, profession, business topics, business interests. In that way you will be able to faster and more effective find correct people to your business. In About Me section I suggest you to only focus on business but also write a bit about yourself, share your story!

There are many ways of promoting your program in Direct Matches, let me explain you some:
  • Video - you can add video to your profile showing you talking about business, business presentation or anything you want.
  • Blog - you can create your own blog posts, it will be showed also in your profile, I got really a lot of hits to my posts, you can add in bottom of each link to your site and your contact information. Try to show, share some value, information in these posts, in that way I believe you will attract more people to you.
  • Forum - there are specific forums for mlm, home based business owners, marketers etc. You can share here some information about what you are promoting, encourage people to network with you. It's a great place to advertise your business and very targeted.
  • Classifieds - Classified ads that will be show below your About Me section, you can place here title, ad description and of course link to website.
  • Networks - you can join to other people networks, create own one, each way will create more exposure to you and your business.
  • Premier Ads - i strongly encourage you to upgrade your membership to Executive to enjoy full potential of Direct Matches. With updated membership you will be able to add 1,2 ads that will be rotated through all site on top and left promoting your site. It's really awesome way and don't cost much.
  • Press Release - with updated membership you can also post your press release, another great way of advertise.

Also you should remember to add friends to your Direct Matches profile, the more the better. Send mails to people, ask about theirs business, how is it working for them, introduce your business, make contacts, good relationships. Don't sell all the time, show interest to other person, take time to check these person about me section, what he/she is promoting, get familiar with these information and send personal mail. That always will work the best. Direct Matches is all about networking, use this site to brand yourself, promote yourself, promote your site, promote your business and make contacts that will benefit you in long term.

Additionally you can earn revenue for recruiting people to Direct Matches, check site for more informations, they have a really cool plan!

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Anonymous said...

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