Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #4 - Questions You Should Ask To Ezine Owner

Finding good ezine is not a easy thing. There are so much of them and some will work with your business, product you are promoting and some not. That's why it's good to make at first some good research, call to ezine owners and ask some key questions that can eliminate to minimum risk of losing money. There are some main ones I suggest you to ask before buying any solo ad:

- How many mailings do you send out a week?
(no more then 2 a week)

- How often do you send content a week?
(once a week, twice a month is ok)

- How many solo ads do you send a week?
(no more then 2 a week)

- How many new subscribers ezine get approximetely each month?
(ezine is growing is ok)

- Would you provide references, testimonials with ppl that used your ezine?
(if no that means either it's a new ezine or no one really get that good results)

- Can you show me past issues, last messages that you sent to subscribers?
(ezine owner should have no problem showing the last issues, in this way you can easy and fast determine ezine content quality that is one of the most important factors)

- Can you put my ad in html?
(html version can works much better then text ones, you can bold some important words, edit text, add images from your site, etc.)

- Can I personalize my ad subject and body?
(first name of subscriber, you should always use it)

- Can you give me an endorsement?
(owner can give few lines of good words about program your're promoting, if person want to research program first before giving any testimonial that's a good sign, owner want to keep reputation, don't want to recommend rubbish to theirs subscribers, cares about content on his ezine)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #3 Ezine Marketing Basics

Ezines are basically an electronic newsletters where people subscribe mostly for free to get free stuff, articles, resources. Most of such ezines is very targeted to particular topic, there are work from home ezines, biz opp seekers, internet marketing etc. The most important thing to succeed in ezine marketing is to find the best targeted group ezine that will be interest in the product you are promoting. Always keep it in mind while researching for some new ezines. Next important factor is to buy solo ads because they converts the best besides different advertises.

What are the Ezine advertising types?

Top Ads - few lines on the top of the mail, can be still effective because it's the first place where people will look after opening the mail.
Middle Ads - In the middle of ad, don't recommend.
Bottom Ads - Definitely don't recommend! No one really will see it even if prices are cheap I don't think it's worth.
Ezine Articles - If you have writen some articles in past you can send them to thousands ppl from ezines. You will get consistent free leads and traffic.
Solo Ads - I RECOMMEND IT! (Works great for My Internet Business!) That's when Ezine owner is sending to their list mail with only your advertise, no anything other to distract subscriber, it's exclusive ad with just your ad. Most effective, cost more then above. In solo ads very important is choosing the right title of mail so people will click it, also all body to enhance subscriber, make curiosity.

Great Directories Of Ezines

More informations very soon >> Stay tuned >>

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #2 - Craigslist Marketing Basics

I must say that Craigslist is one of the most challenging way of marketing on the internet. There are few factors that make me think this way. If you will start to post some ads on Craigslist, especially internet business you will have most likely 100% of your ads ghosted. What does it mean term "ghosted"? Basically it's when Craigslits tell you that your ad is live but unfortunetly it's not listed in listing. As you see and you will experience all the time Craigslist is tricky, hell yea.. There are many factors that could bring your ad to be ghosted. Let's go step b step through basic checklist to not get ghosted:

1. Craigslist Accounts Or Mails

You can't post on one acount to 10+ cities cause Craigslist will automatically find your strange behaviour and ghost all your ads. I recommend 1 account or mail for 2,3 ads for safety.

2. IP Address

You can't also post a lot of ads using same ip addess. Change your ip every 5-10 posts, don't use public proxies because they don't work!

3. Post Delay

Posting ad one after another in 10-20 seconds also won't work. You have to post ads every 30 seconds to few minutes dependly how many craigslist accounts do u use or on which section do you post, what kind of tactic do you use in your ads.

4. Ad Headline And Body

You have to be aware that Craigslist ban some words and phrases that are inside some spammy ads, they way to find which one of words are in this blacklist is simply testing, testing and testing.

5. Links, Images

Basically you can't your domain over and over again for link or image. I won't post more then 10 ads using same domain for a link. Although it will still lately be burned, will last longer.

6. Section, City

Each section, even city have different rules. You won't have any success until you will start to test your ads and find the best way for yourself.

7. Unexpected Circumstances

Sometimes Craigslist is doing something in some sections, changing and no ads got throgh there, it happen often in job section in some cities. You can't do anything with it though ;p

So basically there are few rules you have to restrict to get listed in Craigslist. Of course it's vary to every section but I showed before some universal that should work in most cases. To remember better the informations, watch below video:

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #1 - Squidoo Marketing Benefits

Squidoo is a great place where you can post your articles, posts about program you are promoting. In Squidoo you make simply lenses about some particular topic you want to talk about. Check My My Internet Business Review Squidoo Page.

Why promote My Internet Business in Squidoo?

First of all Google loves Squidoo. Google is listing very high all Squidoo lenses, you can be on the first page in Google in a few days! Squidoo is perfect place to optimize for long term keyword phrases. That's what Squidoo really is, to use long phrases and optimize.

Another benefit is that you will generate extra free traffic. In Squidoo there is top 100 listing for each section where you can get really quality targeted traffic. You an also promote your articles here. I got really good traffic promoting My Internet Business.

Another advantage of Squidoo lenses is that you can get free backlinks to your other sites, also you can embed your youtube videos means more traffic to your youtube videos, higher listing on youtube and in google consequently :)

Next thing that is worth to mention is that you can establish in Squidoo lens yourself as an expert. It's so important for example in business opportunity model where people join people not companies. You have to establish yourself as an expert, mentor, show some value, share some knowledge. Check My Internet Business tour! There is special section showing invitor details. There is a special section in every of your Squidoo page on top with your picture and description what are you all about.

You will earn from your Squidoo lens also! From every click from adsense and amazon sells you will get commission! That's really cool stuff!