Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #3 Ezine Marketing Basics

Ezines are basically an electronic newsletters where people subscribe mostly for free to get free stuff, articles, resources. Most of such ezines is very targeted to particular topic, there are work from home ezines, biz opp seekers, internet marketing etc. The most important thing to succeed in ezine marketing is to find the best targeted group ezine that will be interest in the product you are promoting. Always keep it in mind while researching for some new ezines. Next important factor is to buy solo ads because they converts the best besides different advertises.

What are the Ezine advertising types?

Top Ads - few lines on the top of the mail, can be still effective because it's the first place where people will look after opening the mail.
Middle Ads - In the middle of ad, don't recommend.
Bottom Ads - Definitely don't recommend! No one really will see it even if prices are cheap I don't think it's worth.
Ezine Articles - If you have writen some articles in past you can send them to thousands ppl from ezines. You will get consistent free leads and traffic.
Solo Ads - I RECOMMEND IT! (Works great for My Internet Business!) That's when Ezine owner is sending to their list mail with only your advertise, no anything other to distract subscriber, it's exclusive ad with just your ad. Most effective, cost more then above. In solo ads very important is choosing the right title of mail so people will click it, also all body to enhance subscriber, make curiosity.

Great Directories Of Ezines

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