Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #4 - Questions You Should Ask To Ezine Owner

Finding good ezine is not a easy thing. There are so much of them and some will work with your business, product you are promoting and some not. That's why it's good to make at first some good research, call to ezine owners and ask some key questions that can eliminate to minimum risk of losing money. There are some main ones I suggest you to ask before buying any solo ad:

- How many mailings do you send out a week?
(no more then 2 a week)

- How often do you send content a week?
(once a week, twice a month is ok)

- How many solo ads do you send a week?
(no more then 2 a week)

- How many new subscribers ezine get approximetely each month?
(ezine is growing is ok)

- Would you provide references, testimonials with ppl that used your ezine?
(if no that means either it's a new ezine or no one really get that good results)

- Can you show me past issues, last messages that you sent to subscribers?
(ezine owner should have no problem showing the last issues, in this way you can easy and fast determine ezine content quality that is one of the most important factors)

- Can you put my ad in html?
(html version can works much better then text ones, you can bold some important words, edit text, add images from your site, etc.)

- Can I personalize my ad subject and body?
(first name of subscriber, you should always use it)

- Can you give me an endorsement?
(owner can give few lines of good words about program your're promoting, if person want to research program first before giving any testimonial that's a good sign, owner want to keep reputation, don't want to recommend rubbish to theirs subscribers, cares about content on his ezine)

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