Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #2 - Craigslist Marketing Basics

I must say that Craigslist is one of the most challenging way of marketing on the internet. There are few factors that make me think this way. If you will start to post some ads on Craigslist, especially internet business you will have most likely 100% of your ads ghosted. What does it mean term "ghosted"? Basically it's when Craigslits tell you that your ad is live but unfortunetly it's not listed in listing. As you see and you will experience all the time Craigslist is tricky, hell yea.. There are many factors that could bring your ad to be ghosted. Let's go step b step through basic checklist to not get ghosted:

1. Craigslist Accounts Or Mails

You can't post on one acount to 10+ cities cause Craigslist will automatically find your strange behaviour and ghost all your ads. I recommend 1 account or mail for 2,3 ads for safety.

2. IP Address

You can't also post a lot of ads using same ip addess. Change your ip every 5-10 posts, don't use public proxies because they don't work!

3. Post Delay

Posting ad one after another in 10-20 seconds also won't work. You have to post ads every 30 seconds to few minutes dependly how many craigslist accounts do u use or on which section do you post, what kind of tactic do you use in your ads.

4. Ad Headline And Body

You have to be aware that Craigslist ban some words and phrases that are inside some spammy ads, they way to find which one of words are in this blacklist is simply testing, testing and testing.

5. Links, Images

Basically you can't your domain over and over again for link or image. I won't post more then 10 ads using same domain for a link. Although it will still lately be burned, will last longer.

6. Section, City

Each section, even city have different rules. You won't have any success until you will start to test your ads and find the best way for yourself.

7. Unexpected Circumstances

Sometimes Craigslist is doing something in some sections, changing and no ads got throgh there, it happen often in job section in some cities. You can't do anything with it though ;p

So basically there are few rules you have to restrict to get listed in Craigslist. Of course it's vary to every section but I showed before some universal that should work in most cases. To remember better the informations, watch below video:

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Caleb said...

Craigs List is still an effective advertising method though. But just like any other program,you must carefully read & follow their terms.

I found more great tactics for using Craig's List here...