Monday, April 14, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #1 - Squidoo Marketing Benefits

Squidoo is a great place where you can post your articles, posts about program you are promoting. In Squidoo you make simply lenses about some particular topic you want to talk about. Check My My Internet Business Review Squidoo Page.

Why promote My Internet Business in Squidoo?

First of all Google loves Squidoo. Google is listing very high all Squidoo lenses, you can be on the first page in Google in a few days! Squidoo is perfect place to optimize for long term keyword phrases. That's what Squidoo really is, to use long phrases and optimize.

Another benefit is that you will generate extra free traffic. In Squidoo there is top 100 listing for each section where you can get really quality targeted traffic. You an also promote your articles here. I got really good traffic promoting My Internet Business.

Another advantage of Squidoo lenses is that you can get free backlinks to your other sites, also you can embed your youtube videos means more traffic to your youtube videos, higher listing on youtube and in google consequently :)

Next thing that is worth to mention is that you can establish in Squidoo lens yourself as an expert. It's so important for example in business opportunity model where people join people not companies. You have to establish yourself as an expert, mentor, show some value, share some knowledge. Check My Internet Business tour! There is special section showing invitor details. There is a special section in every of your Squidoo page on top with your picture and description what are you all about.

You will earn from your Squidoo lens also! From every click from adsense and amazon sells you will get commission! That's really cool stuff!

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