Monday, May 5, 2008

My Internet Business Marketing Tip #7 - Make Money Online with Blogspot and Adsense (2 of 5)

Most of you want to make money online. That's why I suggested you to start with one blog. You will learn in this way basics of online marketing, SEO. When you can expect to get traffic from Google depends on keyword you are targeting. Big ones like "Make Money Online" can take few months, small ones like "Free Ways To Make Easy Money Online" even few days.

Let me clarify first term that is very important to understand SEO and that is:

Indexing - Google have spiders, robots that go to your site, check content and add to Google database. In that way Google will now that your site exist and will show in listing. There are 3 top search engines and that is: Google, Yahoo and MSN that generate about 75% of all search engine traffic.
The main purpose of any search engine is to provide in top of the listing the most relevant results for specific search term. There are several factors that determine site relevance like site age, unique content, page rank, relevant back links.

Let's go a bit more closely to these factors:

  1. Page Content - Google loves unique content. With original content you will always get additional points from Google.
  2. Age Of Your Site - Google give higher listing to older sites to eliminate spam blogs and other this kind of sites.
  3. Keywords - keyword is basically a term you use to look for something in Google. If you are looking for real estate agency you will type "real estate agency" and that's the keyword. Now if you will use in your blog many time this keyword in blog posts, title, url, blog title, meta tags, Google will assume that your blog is very relevant for this keyword and will list you high.
    Always think about your primary keyword before writing anything on your blog, include it anywhere but don't exaggerate, you should stick to the rule 5-6% keyword density. That means 5,6 keywords repeat in 100 words text.
  4. Content Volume - The more content your blog will have the better results you will achieve. If you will update your blog quite often, spiders will also often review your site. If spiders will get consistently articles related to your main keyword will increase your site relevance for this keyword more and more. As simple as that.
  5. Page Rank And Back Links - Google use page ranking system to determine your site quality, importance, it mostly show you how many backlinks specific site have.
    Page Rank have scale from 0 to 10. The higher point the more important your site is in spider's eyes. Simply the more back links you can get the higher listing you should achieve.
  6. Back Links - back links are simply links placed on some websites pointed to your site. The more sites will link to yours the more important is your site. That's the main concept of Google algorithm. When people like some website that will place link in theirs also to recommend to other people.
    Although Google won't count all your backlinks if the site is not relevant to yours. Also Page Rank of these sites is important, the higher the better. Back link from PR 5 is much more powerful then from PR 1.
    Link farms don't work anymore, Google will ignore all irrelevant back links. The best way to get links is to trade links with sites that move similar topic.

The Google Sandbox
- because of many people are abusing the system, getting thousands of back links in a matter of days Google developed new program to ban such sites for 6 months and but in sandbox.

The Main Rules you should restrict

  1. Make posts about 300-400 words.
  2. Use 4,5% keyword density.
  3. Use keyword in your blog post title.
  4. Use keyword in first and final sentence.
  5. Make your keyword bolded.
  6. Include keyword in subheadlines (h1).

Post Your Blog Post On

Go to, create account and re-write your post, leave all your keywords just change a bit word, use synontms, mix sentences a bit. You should always remember to make your articles unique, don't copy from your blog, change a bit to make it unique. When Google will find that article content is duplicated will give you much lower result.
In biography box put link to your blog like

Also include some sentences showing benefits of visiting your blog, what it can offer to him/her, maybe offer some free report, ebook, it can be really powerful.

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